This final season De Stu will take over the yellow space and part of the poolcafe (grote kas) at Weelde and transform it into ‘DeStroy’, a residence workspace for artists from multiple disciplines. 
At Weelde, we will open the doors of DeStroy to a new artist every month. This artist will transform the space into their own research ground during their residency. The focus is to eternalize and embody the essence of Weelde. The artists will work on a project of their own choosing and in their own practice guided by curators from De Stu. The final results of the residency will be presented to the public in the last week of the month.
Apart from the residencies, we will also create an extension of 
De Stu at Weelde, where we will host workshops, events, exhibitions, screenings and more. 
Interested in applying for a residency month? Here is what you need to know: you are an artist in Rotterdam who has affinity with Weelde in your own way. Maybe you come here to party, to eat, drink, relax, work, collaborate or something completely different. We ask you to translate this connection into your own practice. In three weeks you will work on your research, project and/or artwork with guidance and support from De Stu, from the beginning till the end if needed.
What you will get from us

Workspace at Weelde 
Wide range of (random) in house materials gathered from different sponsors.
Professional guidance by curators from De Stu
The possibility to use DeStroy to host workshops i.e.
15% discount on food & drinks during your residency at Weelde
The possibility to work with another artist of your own choosing or provided by De Stu
Free entrance to all our events and workshops hosted by Weelde and De Stu
Apply by sending an email to: 
Short text about yourself, your work and your connection to Weelde/
<200 word pitch with your vision of what you want to do during your residency.
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