Aimee Lafargue (Monomania)
Aimee is co-founder of De STU. She also is a visual arts teacher, concept and installation developer and she designs sexuality and inclusivity educational material.

Yasmine van Maasakker (Maravilla Studios)
Yasmine is co-founder of De Stu as well. She is a calligrapher and
art-curator with a background in art direction and graphic design.
Her calligraphy work focusses on the practice of ‘Taking Time'. Alongside her own practice, she has made visual art one of the pillars of the digital platform Future Intel Radio. Where she has worked for almost three years as art curator, creative mentor and stage/set designer.

Maaike Kalkhoven
Maaike has a background and graduate degree in education within the creative sector. She has set up Galerieniemienie where she invites children to be art curators, and gives ceramic workshops to all ages.

Heleen is graduating from the Rietveld Academy as a filmmaker and visual artist and is working as a freelance producer on film/photo productions and events.

Doris is an actor and playwright and deals with scriptwriting and grants at De Stu.

Laura Siliquini
Laura works as a photographer at festivals and nightlife, as well as for travel agencies and brands.

Anniek Trompper
Anniek is a fine arts graduate working as a ceramicist in De Stu and is writing and illustrating a children's book. She has also worked as head coordinator for IFFR 2023 in Rotterdam.

Roos Janssen
Roos graduated in photography but mostly works with video. She is now working as a visual artist.
She makes installations for various (electronic music) events in which she uses waterreflection as her base and breaks the light in a certain way.

Juliette van Oorschot (Julie-O Atelier)
Juliette graduated in graphic design and has already worked for almost ten years as a designer and art director at various agencies, works part time as a ceramist in De STU and is a freelance interior designer.

Clara Manigne-Malan (intern)
Clara is a French student from the DAE. Her work is mostly about translating research into books and works with porcelain and wood carving.

Zenja Schouten (intern)
Zenja is an art & economics student from HKU.
She loves to organize events and provide a space where artists can shine.