De Stu is in essence an art studio where nine different artists share a space and can exchange ideas. The space is used entirely efficiently as the storage space is divided per person, equipment can be loaned out, and each surface can be used as desired.
In addition, De Stu opens her blue door to transform into a place to meet. We think it is important to be able to facilitate a meeting place for creatives which, beyond the digital world, connects people and thus supports the creative community in Rotterdam.
Through workshops, exhibitions and markets we create an accessible bridge between people who are interested in creation, craftsmanship or art and with people who specialize as self-taught or academic. Because this happens in the environment where all the creativity is created, it makes the distance a little smaller. Craftsmanship is exhibited, interests can grow there, and creatives can also hopefully generate revenue in a more direct way. The creative practice and knowledge can be applied right away in workshops or in the work sold at markets. The organization of the events is in the hands of the creator. This can be a maximum of
two Stu members, so that the turnover does not have to be divided among nine people. These two organizers are then also ultimately responsible for the outcome.
De Stu functions as a small academy, where ideas are refuted among themselves and the accessibility of machines and materials provides the opportunity to learn something new. But also when we need a professional from outside or a different sector, such as an accountant, we invite someone to give a workshop or lecture so that it can be shared directly to other creatives. This way we fund our own practice as much as possible and grow a network at the same time.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to collaborate!
Thank you!
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